The Best Mobile Internet deal we’ve found

In September of 2016 when we started living full time in the lovely Chausson Welcome 58 Top that we call ‘Charlize’ we had already put a lot of hours comparing all the different mobile internet options available in the United Kingdom, and quickly came to the conclusion there was only one provider that would tick all the boxes for us, and that was Three.

For what was originally £23 per month we had 4G speeds with a limit of one Terabyte. That’s 1000 Gigabytes! Quite a lot more than the pitiful 30 Gigabytes for £25 a month Vodafone is still offering at the time this article was written.

Three are offering what they call an ‘All you can eat’ package where you can use a ridiculous amount of data without ever getting into trouble. This was a must for us. They will only look into your usage if they suspect you’re doing something you shouldn’t and so far we’ve stayed well below the Terabyte limit.

We ended up buying a Huawei High Speed Unlocked 4G/ LTE E5573 150 Mbps Portable Mobile Wi-Fi Router from Amazon and this takes the SIM from Three allowing both our phones and laptops to connect to the internet from 15 meters all around the motorhome. (I’ve managed to connect to it from a laptop 50 meters away.)

How good is the network coverage? We’ve traveled to many places and we haven’t found any issues yet. We’ve even had Skype conversations while travelling on the motorway. We’ve stayed in pretty isolated places and still had better speeds than our landline used to have. 

Here’s one of the isolated places we’ve stopped on the Breacon Beacons National Park with  internet speeds of 25 Mbits per second…

There are many packages available but nothing comes even close to this offer by Three. And it only takes two steps…
– buy an unlocked Wifi Portable Router
– inserting the SIM from Three

We both highly recommend you go this way. Sure you can use free Wifi in many shops but this deal brought us absolute freedom!


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