How can you make yourself debt free?


If you’ve read our “About” page you might spot that we hint at a glaring problem in today’s developed worlds. Let’s be blunt… The system is rigged against you.

To keep things simple…

  • Wages are increasing less and less each year and property prices are rising faster than wages.
    Source: Bank of England Statistical Database and Nationwide House Price Survey


How can you make yourself debt free?

You must embrace the fact that the system is rigged against you and that it’s time to do something crazy. In a society where even students start their working life already In debt it takes a fool to not notice the reality of a system rigged to turn you into a cash cow.

Here’s a metaphor… In the 1999 science-fiction movie “The Matrix”, Humans are kept subdued while their bodies are used as an energy source. When this is revealed in the movie, it’s shocking and horrifying and resonates in us. Yet, this is exactly what is happening today and cash is what Humans are being kept subdued and farmed for!


Heading Tiny is the philosophy that will free you by simply cutting down on what can drain your funds, and you can do this to whatever level you feel comfortable with.

Online you can find many examples of students who paid their loans by either moving back in with their parents, or by simply living in a car or van and using a gym membership for showers.

Apparently you don’t need to be rich to live in a van. Daniel Norris is a baseball pitcher who earns millions of dollars a year yet lives full-time in a VW Westfalia called “Shaggy”.

Watch on YouTube: Daniel Norris living in a van


There are many YouTube channels of people who got rid of the house to live a nomadic lifestyle. Humans are natural explorers and most of us feel a hunger that can only be satisfied by hiking or driving somewhere new.

For some people, a Tiny House is a great way to sort accommodation. By building a small sustainable house on a trailer you can be free to live on a small portion of land that you can rent, own, or have an agreement of some sort with family or friends. And you can move whenever!

If you don’t drive you can buy a cheap used caravan and arrange an agreement with someone to have it on their land for cheap while you save money. A friend could tow it and help.

With all of these options you can use solar power for energy, and internet for TV and entertainment which in turn reduces your monthly expenses.

Make yourself debt free by cutting out the ‘crazy’ out of your life. Insanity is doing the same thing everyone else is doing while expecting different results.


What does science say about happiness?

In a consumer oriented world it turns out that material things aren’t what bring us happiness. Experiences are what truly fills you with joy in the long run.

Dr Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, found that new things are only exciting and pleasing at first, while learning a new skill or travelling is more rewarding overall. The secret to happiness is experiences not things.

With material possession Hedonic Adaptation sets in, meaning we adapt to a new purchase quickly and then take it for granted. It should also be mentioned that dissatisfaction will eventually happen when you realise that purchase didn’t last long and broke sooner than expected causing further spending. Everything breaks!

With this in mind look around your house and ask yourself: “What do I really need to be happy?”

For us it turned out to be a lot less than what we packed.

Dan Gilbert’s “Stumbling on Happiness” is a fantastic read that opens your mind to how clueless we are about what makes us happy.



Live more with less

Minimalism turns out to be more fulfilling in the long run and also freeing in many ways. Some go to extremes and live with just a back pack. Can you imagine how simple this is?

Others like Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus post their journey into minimalism online so others can learn from their journey into a happier and more rewarding way of living. They’ve turned into educators and are a great source of ideas.

Click here to watch The Minimalists on TED Talks on YouTube.

You don’t have to give up your hobbies either, unless your hobby is hoarding.

At the time this article was written we have already moved into a motorhome we call “Charlize” after selling all the material things we have purchased over the years to fill the void in our lives. Most things we sold were easy decisions. Some were obviously harder but now that they’re gone we don’t miss them at all. Eight months later and it’s been rewarding.



Call to action

You can improve your life, free up your time, get rid of debt, have more money for experiences that will stay with you and bring you joy. All it takes is for you to have you epiphany and act on it.

“I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”Morpheus in “The Matrix” 1999

The Human brain offers a lot of resistance to change and new ideas. Most of us need a routine and any challenge to that peace will be opposed and fought. Know you will be the one that sabotages your success and happiness. You have been shown the door so get walking and start your journey. Free yourself!

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