Decluttering 101 – The Clothing Issue

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One year before we left for the Super-Dooper-Full-Time-Motorhome-Living-With-Cats experience, we furiously and aggressively started saving money to buy our mobile home.

Minimizing and determining the essentials to take with us was our first major challenge. We still didn’t have a definite idea of what vehicle we were going to buy and make our own, but we knew we wouldn’t have much storage available. In this series of posts, I will do my best to describe how we downsized our belongings and simplified our lives, hoping we can help others facing the same problem.

Let’s begin the decluttering wars by addressing the unruly bundles of clothing you own. This includes items of clothing, shoes, accessories, bedding, bathroom and kitchen items, since you are going to need all of those in your daily life, no matter where you go/live. Look into wardrobes, chests of drawers, boxes, storage containers – overstuffed and busting with clothes. 

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Downsizing –where to begin?

OK, so, we decided: we’re going to live full-time in a motorhome.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

It’s gonna be so cool, so amazing, such a thrill!!!! Woo-hooo!

There is jumping up and down, there is laughter, there is excitement!!!

But then, when you finally calm down and look around your cluttered home, reality hits you like a ton of bricks:

We got way too much stuff! How are we going to fit it all in the motorhome???

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5 Reasons why van life isn’t for everyone

Pedro and Chewie in the Motorhome

The first time I watched Exploring alternatives’ video about living in a van, I was so thrilled about it, I couldn’t stand still. My brain immediately started streaming romantic dreams of road trips on the coast, warm sunsets, exotic destinations and no responsibilities… Just me, Pedro and our kitties… Nothing but adventure, happiness and the world embracing us in perfect harmony.

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We’re back!

Dear peeps,

Apologies for the absence. Heading Tiny is our baby and we had to neglect it for a while.

The fact is a lot happened since our last update. Some say no matter how much you plan, life always has a way of changing everything – perspective, thoughts, goals, context – and you don’t always have time to adapt.

Let me tell you where we are now…. (a little suspense)… (almost…) … We moved to Portugal!

Yes, we did. We quit our jobs, sold the motorhome, got a smaller van, packed and organized our trip, said goodbye to colleagues and family and headed for the sunshine. We drove close to 1500 miles in 2 days with our 2 cats.

Total madness. That’s what most people said of our decision of living in a motorhome, and that didn’t stop us either.

Cheers! Motorhoming and chocolate cake…

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Happy Earth Overshoot Day everyone! And why you should be sad…


Lisbon’s Expo 98 brought attention to the Oceans, and how important it is to preserve their resources.

Today, the 2nd of August of 2017, is Earth Overshoot Day.

What does this mean? 

“By August 2, 2017, we will have used more from Nature than our planet can renew in the whole year”  quote from

We are now past the point where for the rest of the year we are simply destroying the planet’s ecology. The Earth is no longer capable of sustaining the lifestyle of 7.5 billion Humans.

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How to introduce your cats to living in a motorhome – new video!

Hey everyone!

We have a new video to share with you:

We Have Cats! (How To Take Cats On The Road) Motorhome Full-Time Living

In this episode, we attempt to describe our journey of taking the cats along in this crazy adventure of a “house” on wheels. 

Chewie with Pedro, during the Eurotunnel crossing (UK – France), May 2017

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