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Creative, hardworking and dedicated couple seeks meaningful working relationship with other bloggers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs or any other individuals who needs help fulfilling their goals!

What do we do?


Every object, person or landscape at the right angle and/ or illuminated with the perfect light is an excuse to grab a camera and capture the moment!

Find some of our photos here: Filtered Photons

*Video creating & editing:

Sample 1 / Sample 2 / Sample 3 


We will write, edit, proofread & translate (Eng-Por-Eng) and create blog posts, articles, e-books, etc.

*Social Media Management

Create, organize and manage all published content (images, video and written)/ presence online, according to your goals and guidelines.

*Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

After 10+ years of research, learning and trying out new eating habits and exercise routines, Pedro is ready to share his knowledge and experience with others that want to achieve health and ideal weight. 

“To lose weight you need to be a rebel. You can eat a ‘healthy balanced diet’ and do what everyone else does OR you can learn that most of the advice on losing weight misses the mark.” Eat Bad, by Pedro Ferreira

We are smart and devoted professionals, always open to learning, experimenting and facing new creative challenges. We aim to develop and improve our skills, while constantly pursuing the best possible results. 

Contact us anytime, we would love to hear from you!