How to introduce your cats to living in a motorhome – new video!

Hey everyone!

We have a new video to share with you:

We Have Cats! (How To Take Cats On The Road) Motorhome Full-Time Living

In this episode, we attempt to describe our journey of taking the cats along in this crazy adventure of a “house” on wheels. 

Chewie with Pedro, during the Eurotunnel crossing (UK – France), May 2017

Leaving our beloved pets behind was not an option. As part of the family, they would be travelling with us and would need to get acquainted with the new home.

This unknown home on wheels, shaken by a roaring engine and smelling like nothing they smelled before, would certainly be a scary place in the beginning. We knew it wouldn’t be easy for two spoiled house cats to change their routines and abandon their previously claimed territory. 

Pretty enjoying the sunshine on the dashboard, Cardiff, May 2017

Patience and persistence were key.

Ten months after we started, they are perfectly settled and happy living in “Charlize”.

It’s Home. It’s safe, cozy, warm and full of love.


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