How much does full-time motorhome life cost?

If you’re Heading Tiny and want to know the costs of full time living in a van or motorhome, we have published online a spreadsheet that we constantly update for anyone to view at Google Sheets. 

So far, our monthly expense for two adults and two cats seems to stay around £600 to £900, with the winter months costing more with heating being the destroyer of budgets.

When we started living full-time in ‘Charlize’, several extra expenses showed up like solar panels, deep-cycle battery, light-weight plates, silicone glasses, so be ready for a few initial hurdles. You must also consider car insurance and road tax for they can exceed £1000 for the year.

We’re excluding from the chart our holiday expenses as this seems to be a “luxury treat” that doesn’t represent our monthly outgoings. 

Whatever money is left we are aggressively saving and investing into Zopa which is a peer to peer lending service where your money can be lent and put to work for you, with much higher returns than the best savings account.  Most of our savings are invested at Zopa and over the years they improved consistently and we can’t recommend them enough.

Hope you find this information useful!

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