Why, oh why, do we live in a motorhome??

Our beloved home “Charlize”

 Personally, I was always fascinated by people who left everything behind for an uncertain but exciting life on the road. Smiling dudes and girls equipped with backpacks and survival kits, ready to climb mountains, hike through mysterious forest paths, swim under glorious waterfalls, etc, etc…

However, in my mind, travelling around the world, meeting interesting people and exploring history, nature, unique places was something reserved only for the luckiest, bravest and/or richest people. It seemed so impossible and so far from my simple (and many times unsatisfying) life.

The very first time this lifestyle became a possibility in my brain was while watching an incredibly inspiring YouTube video, about Matt & Danielle from Exploring Alternatives . These guys are amazing! They are an extraordinary Canadian couple living a minimalist lifestyle on their 2002 Ford E-150 conversion camper van, travelling around the US and Canada, while finding others that live an alternative way of life and interviewing them for their Channel.

[Here is the video: Converted van as full-time home for nomadic Canadian couple ]

I believe this was the perfect timing for that nomadic seed to settle and grow on me. If this had happened at another time in my life, I probably wouldn’t have considered it as a real life goal.

At this precise moment in time, I was feeling extremely frustrated and trapped by my working situation. I basically didn’t have a life outside my workplace, where I also lived. I was always working – exhausted, stressed out, underpaid and overworked… We both felt we we’re wasting our time there. This had been going on for about 4 years and something had to give eventually. 

Being the emotional and crazy person that I am, I immediately tried to convince my more rational and stable partner that we so have to go for it, that I had always wanted to do something adventurous like that. “why, oh why can’t this be us some day??!!”

He was the one that found the video on Reddit and that convinced me to watch… So, he was already there with me. I could tell his imagination’s cogs were working inside that hairy head of his. This was not decided right away, of course, but it was certainly the beginning of the process of finding out more and more and more about how to do it ourselves….

In the meantime, Pedro gave us a proper scare, as he developed a pulmonary embolism and almost passed away. Like all people who are hit in the face by their mortality, we had another strong reason to do our best to enjoy life to the fullest. Carpe diem, people. We’re both 43 years old. We want to make our lives meaningful, enjoy every moment of the present, consider the past for experience and build a happier future.

Our motorhome life is still conditioned by our jobs and we can’t travel all the time, but it definitely has been a big adventure so far! 

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