How can you make yourself debt free?


If you’ve read our “About” page you might spot that we hint at a glaring problem in today’s developed worlds. Let’s be blunt… The system is rigged against you.

To keep things simple…

  • Wages are increasing less and less each year and property prices are rising faster than wages.
    Source: Bank of England Statistical Database and Nationwide House Price Survey


How can you make yourself debt free?

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The others

Pedro, Chewie and “Charlize” – walking the kitty

Not everyone understood or approved our choice to live full-time in a motorhome. Not surprising. We were ready for the worst reactions possible but always hoped for acceptance and support, especially from the closest to us.

Most were excited and curious about our adventure and understood the goals and details of our plan. This was rewarding to us. 

Some had doubts and worries about our future but seemed to accept the change.

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Why, oh why, do we live in a motorhome??

Our beloved home “Charlize”

 Personally, I was always fascinated by people who left everything behind for an uncertain but exciting life on the road. Smiling dudes and girls equipped with backpacks and survival kits, ready to climb mountains, hike through mysterious forest paths, swim under glorious waterfalls, etc, etc…

However, in my mind, travelling around the world, meeting interesting people and exploring history, nature, unique places was something reserved only for the luckiest, bravest and/or richest people. It seemed so impossible and so far from my simple (and many times unsatisfying) life.

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Welcome to our blog!


Hey everyone,

This is our first official appearance on the Internet. We started this blog  to help inspire change in the world (and ourselves) and to hopefully reach our goal of building our own tiny house.

At the time “Heading Tiny” was being created, we were approaching eight months of living full-time in a motorhome with our two cats, somewhere around Cardiff, Wales.

So…. Relax, have yourself a cup of coffee and read away… Enjoy our thoughts, opinions and experiences and share your own!

Thanks for visiting!

Susana & Pedro