The others

Pedro, Chewie and “Charlize” – walking the kitty

Not everyone understood or approved our choice to live full-time in a motorhome. Not surprising. We were ready for the worst reactions possible but always hoped for acceptance and support, especially from the closest to us.

Most were excited and curious about our adventure and understood the goals and details of our plan. This was rewarding to us. 

Some had doubts and worries about our future but seemed to accept the change.

Sadly, some absolutely loathed the idea and didn’t want anything to do with these weird shenanigans. 

If any of your family and friends reacts like this it will  surely hurt. But at least you’ll know from that moment on who really stands by your side no matter what.

That’s the world we live in isn’t it? If you don’t blend with the crowd you’re a freak. People will judge you even without knowing who you are. Well, you shouldn’t really care about that.  If you’re a grown adult and you know exactly what you want then you’ll make your own decisions and face whatever comes, good or bad.

When embracing a change of lifestyle this drastic be prepared for opposition and friction. Do your research and make sure you know the most you can about your plans and be the first to question and confront them. Others will not hesitate to put you down, just like crabs in a boiling pan pull back those trying to escape.


 It will be hard and challenging at times, but soooo worth it. 


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