Humans being used by The Machine as a battery.

The Machine needs more power

Some know it as “The American Dream”, others may call it “life as you know it”.

From a young age we’re told the way to live is: go to school, get the best  job, buy a car, get married, buy a house, have kids, make more money.

Do you know how to boil a frog? The trick is to put the live frog in the pan while the water is cold. Then you start raising the temperature and the frog won’t notice death coming until it’s too late.

The analogy should be obvious. To buy a house, many will  commit to loans lasting sometimes more than 25 years.  You don’t notice the water temperature rising around you until it’s too late. There’s the changing economy, energy price hikes, the pressures at your job. All this will affect your well-being and health.

You will get tired. Tiredness leads to stress. Stress leads to obesity. Obesity leads to…

In the meantime, we’re giving most of our monthly income to a third-party. Why? For the sake of keeping up appearances, to impress friends, to keep a partner, to live a lavish life?

“Status Pelatus” is a condition where your vanity rises above good sense and reason. Seems to affect many people. 

The Machine thrives on you overspending. And if you can’t pay the house loan? You gave your house to the bank! You think they will treat you fairly? Foreclosure fraud is something banks are still doing to this day.

Source: Google search “foreclosure fraud”

And it’s disturbing to know governments gave billions to bail-out banks, with bank bosses still getting paid bonuses despite being responsible for crashing the economy. We’re the battery, and The Machine always needs more power. 

In case you forgot, there was a time when one factory worker was able to buy a house, a car, and support his wife at home caring for the kids.

The only wise thing to do is “live beneath your means”. Live large by going small. Heading Tiny believes in this message. Find a way to hack the system, cut out all the unnecessary expenses, and live free.

With the internet you don’t need a cable subscription.  There’s plenty to entertain yourself online, from YouTube to Netflix.

If you use solar panels and low voltage systems then you don’t need an energy supplier. 

Cooking for yourself means no restaurant bills.

See if you can find a small annex that you can rent cheap. Sometimes this means contacting land owners and making deals with them.

In our case, we got lucky and found a couple with a farm who let us stay in our motorhome. We offered to pay, but our agreement evolved in many ways. Our initial request was for a parking space and access to fresh water. Within the first month we were offered the use of their laundry room and washing machine. Shortly after we were offered electricity so we could run the heating in the motorhome. We currently don’t pay any rent and in return give them some help with cleaning or receiving visitors. This doesn’t take much of our time at all.

It’s mutually beneficial. Now they have someone on their property at all times, even allowing them to go on holiday for two weeks. Something they hadn’t a chance of doing in years.

Many are venturing into this Heading Tiny trend by moving into a small van or tiny house on wheels. There’s many ways you can do this without owning land. You can arrange an agreement with someone who has a parking space on their property, or even a bit of land where you can stay.

We sent over 30 letters out and were even offered to stay in a warehouse! We didn’t accept it due having cats with us. We wanted them to see more of the outdoors, and it felt wrong to stay under a roof. The owner was ready to let us stay there for free as this would mean someone on the property making it look busy and preventing break-ins.

One time, we drove to see distant family and they loved our lifestyle so much they offered us parking and invited us to move there.

Live beneath your means, enjoy life!

Live beneath your means. This gives you options removing loads of stress from your life and even allowing you to work less and live more. 

Things certainly have changed a lot. “It’s life, but not as we know it.” Therefore, I’ll leave you in the words of George Carlin: “The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

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