We lost our Chewie at just 6 years of age. Why do we get pets?

Why do we get pets?
As if driven by an elusive need
We desire to keep them away from threats
A parenting instinct we must heed

With them all worries our heart forgets
We seek their acceptance their company
As if trying to redeem our past regrets
And we don’t want them to ever feel lonely

We watch them grow their nature is art
Adorable, curious, creative, playful
Like a beam of sunlight they play their part
Surprise us, treat us, and always grateful

They trust and search for our reassurance
Their soothing company, pure and innocent
Our love and care permeates their essence
Yet they remain eternally vigilant

Two different minds sharing one moment in time
Altruistic perhaps we expect nothing in return
Their reliance in us makes a rapid climb
Their presence makes a fire in us burn

So why do we get pets?
Towards them our actions are selfless
By now we have all placed our bets
And we assure them our bond is endless

While enjoying this feeling of belonging
We provide a home that is safe and warm
Too busy to see the blatant warning
That in the distance there is a storm

It’s an unstopable force, we’re made to connect
There’s something in our genes we can’t quantify
We overcome the walls of dialect
And our unique affection helps us get by

Then the tyranny of time comes to reject
This sweet embrace we learnt to rely
And leaves our hearts broken and wrecked
With its dark unexpected and aching goodbye

For Chewie
January 2013 – 11th of February 2019

Thanks for so many good memories, buddy. We miss you.

Watch the video for this post…

The video begins with me meowing at Chewie off camera to entice him to meow back, and he does. We are in Cardiff, Wales.
(6 seconds) Priddy stalks Chewie making him assume his warrior stance.
(13 seconds) I’m at the computer with Chewie on lap and meows back after my unseen invite. we did this a lot.
(16 seconds) Priddy discovers the mouse cursor moves and is fascinated by it.
(18 seconds) Chewie plays with a shoe lace
(21 seconds) A Syma toy helicopter is no match for Chewie’s hunting chops
(25 seconds) Chewie kneading in bed. We did this a lot.
(37 seconds) Chewie hunting imaginary things on top of a sofa
(42 seconds) Priddy chases a laser point now that Chewie is tired of doing so
(47 seconds) An exhausted Priddy recovering from chasing a feather toy
(50 seconds) Chewie creating a storm in a glass of water. At this stage, we couldn’t have drinks unattended. They’d have fur and impurities added, and would sometimes be toppled over.
(1 minute) A rare moment where he’s allowed to groom her, she didn’t like him too much once he became bigger than her.
(1:06) They are watching a bird outside the window.
(1:10) It was a very foggy day and it made the beam visible which fascinated him.
(1:14) He’s trying to persuade me to go outside for a walk.
(1:17) Chewie meows back thanks to a squirrel on a post, he was so charmed by it.
(1:19) He’s eating sitting down after a play session. Utter laziness!
(1:26) They are both eating in the motorhome after a nice walk outside.
(1:31) Susana volunteers to walk some dogs and is being led by a good boye.
(1:33) Chewie got a little tiny round mouse. I gave it back to him.
(1:35) Another spazzy play session in the motorhome.
(1:37) Walking among chickens in Portugal. Here he was still suspicious of them.
(1:38) A farm in Wales where we often walked them. So many birds and things happening around.
(1:40) Same farm, just another walk with some loves.
(1:43) Chewing spazzing out on a bed due to my arm moving under the sheets. One of our favourite things to do.
(1:49) Kneading on my lap in the motorhome while I’m at the computer. Great times!
Many things happened at this point. We sold the motorhome, tried something that didn’t work, lost a lot of money chasing our dreams, and went back to Cardiff renting a small flat and start everything again.
(1:57) Here Chewie had been to the vets due to a lump in is hind leg. We had really bad news after test results and knew our days together were numbered.
(2:01) We rented a house with a garden so we could take them outside again. My back is injured and he joined me on the sofa.
(2:03) Susana is at the computer with Chewie keeping her company in the motorhome.
(2:06) We’re driving the motorhome back to Wales through Spain and they’re both sleeping.
(2:08) Chewie comes for some reassurance at the farm in Wales.
(2:13) Priddy is making a grooming video for her YouTube channel. What a diva!
(2:15) Priddy attacks an innocent bystander just because reasons!
(2:18) One of the houses we rented so they could have a safe garden to enjoy again. Chewie plays on the bed with his leg bandaged.
(2:21) He now has some difficulty walking.
(2:24) We’re returning home after our last outing with him. I kinda knew this had been the last time we shared a sky together.
(2:35) Back to footage of a very young Chewie.

Thanks for so many great moments. We miss you so much.

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