We’re back!

Dear peeps,

Apologies for the absence. Heading Tiny is our baby and we had to neglect it for a while.

The fact is a lot happened since our last update. Some say no matter how much you plan, life always has a way of changing everything – perspective, thoughts, goals, context – and you don’t always have time to adapt.

Let me tell you where we are now…. (a little suspense)… (almost…) … We moved to Portugal!

Yes, we did. We quit our jobs, sold the motorhome, got a smaller van, packed and organized our trip, said goodbye to colleagues and family and headed for the sunshine. We drove close to 1500 miles in 2 days with our 2 cats.

Total madness. That’s what most people said of our decision of living in a motorhome, and that didn’t stop us either.

Cheers! Motorhoming and chocolate cake…

Living in the motorhome was an exercise in minimalism, a case study in relating to your partner in a small space, a challenge needed for the next steps of our journey to become self-sustainable and living in a tiny house. We spent a year living in our beloved Charlize and she will be forever in our hearts for all that she gave us. We have a lot to say about this experience still…

Right now, we are living in my parent’s house (a challenge in itself, no matter how much you all love each other) until we are able to move into our own home. We see it in our dreams – a house on wheels built from a truck trailer, with reclaimed materials and a lot of work and creativity.
It would be built considering function, energy and coziness. We already have a little plot of land where to put it and that we want to develop using permaculture. We can’t wait to start.

Blue skies and nature

Meanwhile, we are brainstorming ideas and considering options regarding jobs. Do we stay in the “rat race” for a little while longer or do we take advantage of our situation and go for freelance, online, nomad style jobs?

A lot to do, to decide and to begin. Stay tuned from more from Heading Tiny!


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